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Adult Social Care Support

Merton Council is committed to supporting all of our residents to stay healthy and actively involved in community life for as long as possible.

Access and Assessment do this by :

  • Offering appropriate information and advice to all local people about the help that is available to help them stay independent, safe and well.
  •  Offering people early support to help them regain their independence, so as to prevent them needing a lot more help later on: If you/we feel that this is a service you would benefit from, MAAT will refer you to our Merton Independent Living and Enablement Service(MILES).

  • Offering people with assessed long-term support needs a ‘Personal Budget’ so they can have more choice and control over the services they use: ASC will help you to identify your needs.  If you are already in contact with us then we will ensure that you get the right information about what you need to do.  We will send you an information pack and a self assessment questionnaire (SAQ) for you to complete and return to the council.  The SAQ will identify your eligible needs and how much funding you could be entitled to to spend on support and services.

    The council will contact you first to go through your SAQ with you and again to do a financial assessment of your circumstances.  You may need to contribute financially to the support and services you receive. 

  • Making social care options more flexible and responsive to customer needs so people have more choice about how they spend their personal budgets: You will need to complete a support plan which shows how you will meet your needs, work towards your outcomes and spend your personal budget. Merton I will help you find out about what support and services are available locally.  You can get help with this from either a social care worker or the direct payments support planning service. 

    Once your plan is agreed, your support and services will start.  If you have chosen to have a direct payment(via either a pre-paid card or Merton Managed Account) for some or all of your personal budget, someone from the Direct Payments team will contact you.  If you have chosen to have your support directly provided by the council on your behalf, you will be informed of when your support will commence. 

  • Supporting people in reviewing the quality and effectiveness of their support: Within six to eight weeks of you commencing your support package, someone will contact you to check that your personal budget and support plan are working and your needs are being met.  The Council will continue to review your circumstances at appropriate intervals.

  • Supporting Carers who provide voluntary care and support to a relative or friend who needs support because of age, disability or illness, including mental illness: The Council offers support to Carers by working in partnership with health and voluntary sector organisations to offer information, advice and support.  If you are a Carer, you are entitled to a Carers Act Assessment. This assessment will identify what support and services you could be entitled to. This can be completed in conjunction with a customer completing a self assessment questionnaire, or separately.

If you would like to talk to someone about help available, please contact Adult Social Care Duty   on:

Telephone: 020 8545 4388
Email: ASCFirstResonse

Please Note:If you require information or advice regarding children or young people, please visit the Merton Family Services Directory at www.merton.gov.uk/fsd Email: fsd@merton.gov.uk

If you require information or advice regarding Occupational Therapy (equipment, adaptations and disabled facilities grants) please visit the relevant pages or contact Occupational Therapy on:

Telephone: 020 8545 4477/4428 Email: ssotduty@merton.gov.uk


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